I became a professional painter in the summer of 2001.  It happened by accident.  I painted a flower pot and my friend came to my house, and asked where I'd bought it.  When I told her that I'd painted it, she said "You should be Doing this."  So, the seed was planted.....  Up until then, I'd been working in the stock and bond brokerage industry and was feeling a little lost.  I worked at my painting and on a trading desk (part time) for a couple of years.  

I learned a lot about painting.  I learned that murals were not my thing after painting several (I don't like ladders!)

Then I started my website, bybecca (dot) com and painted flower pots, jewelry boxes, paper mache boxes, glass and just about anything that I could paint, with some success. 

Feeling that painting was not quite enough, I decided to go back to school for a degree in graphic design.  During my first semester, my painting business started to grow, and during the middle of my second semester, family, art school and painting became almost too much.  I hired an assistant, finished my semester and realized that with two kids, and an explosively growing business, something had to go, so I stopped school.  

Things were great!  The business grew by leaps and bounds, I hired more assistants, a guy to help with the shipping and I painted, answered emails, got a child through high school and off to college, moved from NJ to Virginia, got another child into high school and began a new life.  Everything was great for some years!  Then......  my children's Dad passed away two days after my son graduated from high school, which started things rolling in the opposite direction for a while.  Professionally, I lost heart.  Now its been just over seven years, I've discovered that I have talent as a fluid acrylics artist who also works with epoxy resin and as a photographer.  I hope you enjoyed my hand painted glassware, AND my fluid acrylics and photography.  Please ask me questions.  I'm here to help and work with you.

Shipping times vary.  Please look at the website for guidance.  If you have time constraints, please ask.  

We never miss a deadline we know about in advance!!!  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I look forward to talking to you all!

You can also see some of our portfolio of work on some other websites, including:  

Facebook, where you can find us at:  www.facebook.com/ByBeccaArt, on Instagram as @ByBeccaArt

and our home for the last 16 years:   www.bybecca.com

I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have about color and hand painted glass.  

Wholesale inquiries are welcome.