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Five Awesome Summer Pool Party Ideas for Grownups

Posted by Rebecca Kelman on

5 awesome pool party ideas for grown ups

Warm weather is here and it is time for adults to get out and have some fun. I like to have a definite theme with my pool parties, but I also like to throw in a bit of the unusual. This turns a normal gathering into something memorable. No matter what theme you choose, my five summer pool party ideas can help you get started.

Just for moms

I know how hard it is raising kids and a special party just for moms seems like a fantastic idea. Most women would appreciate a day at the spa, so why can't that be the theme? Hire a professional masseuse and someone to give manicures and pedicures poolside. This is a great way to relax and unwind.

A party for two

Why not throw a party just for the two of you? There is nothing a like a surprise party and just about anything can happen at a private pool party. It can be just another run of the mill evening until we go outside and experience a lovely time out of doors by the pool, or in the water.

I think it is a good idea to make sure the kids are away for the evening for this kind of event, and it is best if you have a privacy fence. This could be the perfect place for role playing games. He could be the swimming pool maintenance man and she could be the lonely client. The possibilities are limitless and this is almost like going on a private vacation.

Mementos and Keepsakes

I want my guests to remember me and my parties, so I always try to include some kind of memento for them to keep. In hot weather, most guests appreciate cold beer but I get more smiles when I offer alcohol options like wine. In fact, custom wine glasses make great party keepsakes. Wine with special glasses puts some style and class into a gathering. Of course, not everyone may want alcohol so I make sure to provide alcohol free wine and soda.

Different foods

You could grill out some burgers or hot dogs, but that seems like the same old thing. Here are some unusual foods I like to use, and they usually get some great responses from my guests.

  • Grilled out pizza
  • Barbecued French fries
  • Grilled squash
  • Charcoal grilled Portobello mushrooms

When grilling new foods, I always experiment beforehand. In fact, I try them out on the kids first and use their feedback to correct my mistakes.

Show you care

My guests always appreciate the way I take care of them. In fact, I always make sure to have plenty of these essentials on hand.

  • Beach towels
  • Sun tail oil or sun block products
  • Water toys like beach balls and noodles.

A great pool party can be about almost anything. Think of your guests and don't let anyone that has been drinking, drive home. Be creative and let your imagination run free. Hopefully my helpful summer pool party ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

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