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Kick off the Fall With This Back to School Checklist

Posted by Rebecca Kelman on

Kick off the Fall With This Back to School Checklist

The kids are returning to school soon and everyone’s life is going to change drastically. To make the transition a little easier, it is best to get things in order and help the kids prepare for their new schedules, ahead of time. Hopefully, this back to school checklist will help you are much as it is has helped me.

Reset Body Clocks

In the summertime, kids love to stay up late at night and sleep in mornings. In the summer of 2012 I thought Iwould be a good parent and let the kids sleep late until just a few days before school. That was a big mistake.

The following year, I started about two weeks before the beginning of school. That gave the kids time to reset their body clocks, so they would not be dragging about the first week of school. Here is what I did last year:

  • Set the alarm clock for 9 am the first two days
  • Set alarm for 8 am for the next two days
  • Finally got back to 7 am (which is the time they needed to get up) and that gave them about a week to adjust

Work on Basic Skills

Remember when you were a child and you started school after a long and beautiful summer? If you were like me, you felt like you were stupid and couldn’t remember how to do simple math tasks and reading. I don’t want this to happen to my kids so when it is a couple of weeks before school, we all sit down and go over basic things like reading, writing, and math. Here are some ways to get this done without raising too many objections.

Make a game out of it - This only works if you have more than one child. Kids love to compete against each other, so give them some basic tasks to complete and whoever does the best job is the winner and gets a prize. Of course, most of the time, these contests end in a tie (and I am the judge), and that keeps fragile egos from being damaged.

Explain the importance of brushing up on school skills – Kids are competitive with their classmates and if you explain that they will have a head start on many of the kids at school, you may get their attention.

Take turns reading with the children – Read aloud to the kids and then ask them to read from the same book. If you are involved in the activity you are more likely to get cooperation.

Create a back to school checklist for the first day of school

Before the big day arrives, have some of the essentials ready. Get a notebook and write down everything that you can use from my list here:

  • Backpacks
  • Important school supplies for each child (this requires a separate list)
  • School lunches or lunch money
  • Kids clothes ready and laid out the night before
  • Double check to make sure alarm clocks have the PM and AM properly set (take my word for it, this can happen).
  • Camera
  • A nice bottle of wine and two glasses (for after they finally leave for that first day of school)

Back to School Gift for Teacher