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Five Things You Can Do with the Bride and Groom Table

Posted by Rebecca Kelman on

Five Things You Can Do with the Bride and Groom Table

Every bride knows that planning a wedding means paying attention to thousands of details, and one of the most frustrating details can be seating arrangements. While you might be tempted to just gloss over this piece to do something more fun, like choosing bridesmaid dresses, the choice of seating can actually be an opportunity for unique artistic expression that really conveys who you and the groom are as a couple.

Couples are increasingly moving away from the traditional “head table” arrangement where the entire bridal party sites, to a “sweetheart table” where the bride and groom can sit together in relative privacy, while still being accessible to guests. Here are some ideas for fun and original things you can do with the bride and groom table at your wedding!

Getting Back to Nature

If you’re going with an outdoor wedding this summer, you can decorate your bride and groom table in such a way that it reflects the whole motif of the wedding itself. Incorporate natural elements directly into your table design, such as having a delicate wooden trellis with vines or blooming flowers. A natural garland of flowers can also look quite elegant, and really emphasize the naturalistic theme of your affair.

Hand-Crafted Memories

The use of hand-crafted mementos for the bride and groom table is another way to make your wedding one to remember. Imagine a low setting of flowers to draw attention to something like custom-painted wine glasses, made especially for your occasion. This lends itself to amazing photo opportunities. Pro Tip: Save these wine glasses for future anniversary celebrations and photos.

Get Closer Together

The bride and groom table is already a departure from the traditional head table, so why not make it even more unique? Instead of separate chairs, have a settee or small loveseat at the table for you and your groom to sit on. This is a cute and memorable idea that really conveys the idea that you can’t stand to be apart from one another.

Choosing the Right Colors

Whatever your color theme for the wedding as a whole is, you’ll want to reflect this in your bride and groom table. Generally, if you decorate the table in muted tones such as white, cream, or silver, you’ll end up with a monochromatic look that suggests elegance and refinement. If your wedding is of the more festive variety, definitely don’t hesitate to incorporate some bold colors into your table decoration. Since all eyes will be on you, decorate your table in such a way that it conveys the overall feel of the wedding itself and your personalities.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Some couples opt to make their bride and groom table into a real respite of privacy away from the wedding party. You can accomplish this by placing the table on a raised platform, or by surrounding it with a tastefully lit canopy of shear cloth, with small delicate lights. This is a great way to snag some moments of calm during your wedding, but be careful you don’t alienate guests who are surely going to want to talk to you and the groom.

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