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End of Summer Fun Ideas for Kids (to Help You Keep Your Sanity)

Posted by Rebecca Kelman on

The end of summer is getting near and before long everyone will be back to the same old routine. Yet, this is not a time for sadness. In fact, it is a good time for the kids to have fun while the parents can take it easy. Here are some summer fun ideas that can put smiles on the children and give you a much needed break.

If you live near any historical sites, consider paying them a visit with the kids, or even better yet, pay the babysitter to take them. If there are no historical sites, most kids love arcades. I have noidea why, because they have more video games at home than I can count, but they enjoy getting out and playing games in a loud and flashy arcade setting. If you live near a large city, there are plenty of places to take the kids. 

End of Summer Fun By ByBecca

Consider these selections:

  • Amusement parks
  • Local zoos
  • Playgrounds
  • Public swimming pools
  • The beach (if applicable)
  • Go cart riding (this is great fun for everyone)
  • Miniature golf

Outdoor home activities:

There is no need to leave the house when you can take it easy while the kids enjoy themselves. Here are some ideas for outdoor fun.

  • Wading pools
  • Garden hoses – Give the kids a hose and watch the fun. Make sure they are dressed appropriately.
  • Croquet – Everyone can play and it is surprisingly entertaining.
  • Badminton – Inexpensive fun and great exercise
  • Grow vegetables in containers – Green onions, radishes, and parsley are easy to grow and gardening teaches the kids about plants and nature.
  • Paper airplanes – We had hours of fun with these things when I was a kid.
  • Home grown circus – Let the kids make their own circus. They may need a little assistance, but you will be amazed what young minds can come up with.

Indoor home activities:

  • Playing cards
  • Finger painting
  • Home puppet show – All you need is a cardboard box or two, and some cloths for a stage. The kids can make sock puppets and put on a great show. Make sure that you applaud loudly and let them know how much you loved the show.
  • Treasure hunt game – This can work just like an Easter egg hunt; just substitute something else that the kids enjoy.
  • Videos – check out your local cable TV system. They feature some excellent kid movies and some of the latest on demand movies. Some are free and others only cost a few dollars.
  • Indoor camp out – Let the kids camp out in the living room. They can pretend that they are out in the wild and having fun. If you use yourimagination, you can give them ideas that will keep them busy all evening.

These summer fun ideas are inexpensive ways to entertain the kids. After they have their fun and have gone to bed, I like to get out my special glasses and fill them with our favorite beverages.

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