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Best Creative Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Posted by Rebecca Kelman on

best creative bridesmaids gift ideas

Every bride knows that the help and support of your bridesmaids is absolutely critical to pulling off a great wedding. Therefore, when the big day comes, let them know how much you love and appreciate them with a thoughtful gift. Here are some fun and unique ideas that you can use to let your bridesmaids know that they’re the best.

Get Personal

One of the most thoughtful ways you can celebrate your bridesmaids is through giving them personalized gifts that directly commemorate your wedding and the time you’ve all spent together. There are many options if you decide to go this route, and it’s a great opportunity to show off your creative chops. Consider giving something handcrafted and personalized, such as hand-painted wine glasses, or personalized picture frames; these are things that your bridesmaids can continue to use, and which will always serve as a very specific memento of this time in your lives.

Themed Gifts

Even if you don’t go the way of personalized gifts, you can still give gifts that adhere to a theme of togetherness, friendship, and unity. For instance, consider giving some small gift of matching jewelry. One trendy option is the recent revival of those “friendship bracelets” we all used to wear in high school; many designers are now offering totally chic and modern updates on the traditional concept, and these delicate accessories are something your bridesmaid can wear and remember your special occasion for many years to come.

Go Trendy

One nice way to think of the bridesmaid gift is as a rare opportunity to really spoil your friends who mean so much to you. A great way to do that is with a high-quality trendy gift, such as a set of nice hand-made candles with natural scents, or some popular accessory. This is an opportunity to spend a little on the high side in order to lavish something tasteful and chic upon your bridesmaids for all the effort they’ve put in. If you go this route, try to keep the gift restrained and understated; err on the side of trendy elegance over trendy gaudiness.

The Best Gift is Each Other

One other exciting option for a bridesmaid gift is to think outside of the traditional notion of “gift” and arrange for an amazing experience between you and your friends. Instead of giving them an object, give them a time they will always remember. You can plan ahead for fun and unusual activities, such as going horseback riding together, or touring a local winery and sampling the goods. Have a photographer on hand to capture the moments. Whatever the case, your bridesmaids are sure to cherish the opportunity for making lasting memories.

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