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30th Birthday

30th Birthday Hand Painted Wine and Pilsner Glasses

Here are some examples of our 30th birthday hand painted wine and pilsner glasses. "30 and Thirsty" and "Flirty at Thirty" are popular messages on our glasses, but yours can say anything you like.  

  • 30th Birthday Glass with Polka Dots

    We will make a glass to suit any desire.  I had a call from a man asking me to make a glass for a 30th Birthday with Polka Dots and Balloons that would also represent the Birthday Girl's profession.  She's a nurse...

  • Flirty at Thirty.  Available in any color combination you'd like

    When we started thinking about 30th Birthday glasses, we said, balloons.  Why not.  Candles, we can paint them too.  Would you like your thirtieth birthday glass to have something else on it?  Let us know...

  • 30th Birthday with Candles

    Our 30th Birthday glasses are available in the same design as our 21st Birthday glass.  You can have any number on this glass.

  • Red 30th Birthday Hand Painted wine glass

    People ask us to make Birthday glasses in lots of different color combinations, but we aren't always so impressed with them.  However, this one made me smile all day!

  • 50th Birthday Wine Glass

    Adrienne wrote and asked us to create a glass for her Mom's 50th Birthday.  She said that Mom was a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer and could I create something that was inspired by her designs.  So, I looked around and...

  • 21st Birthday Hand Painted Wine glass

    Our Palm Trees and Hibiscus Pattern glasses have bright colors and are very popular.  In this example we have added a number with a crown and turned it into a birthday glass.  Available with any number, whoever...

  • Hot Pink Flamingos on a wine glass

    Last week Pam wrote to me and asked if I would paint a glass for her sister's birthday.  She wanted it to have hot pink plastic flamingoes like you might see on someone's lawn and say Fifty and Fabulous and the base to...

  • Nicole's 30th Birthday Glass

    Nicole asked me to paint glasses for her and her sister to use at her 30th birthday party.  She wanted something that coordinated with her invitation.  So, we painted this  :)

  • Thirty and Thirsty Hand Painted Wine Glass

    About a month ago, Amber wrote and asked me to create a wine glass for her husband's thirtieth birthday party.  She wanted something simple that said Thirty and..., so I thought it over and came up with Thirty and...